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Problems logging in

Problems logging in? We know that it is very annoying when there occurs a problem with logging into your account. That’s why we have compiled the most relevant database that will help you get access to your account quickly. Though, there are certain things that you may want to know about login. Login Facts shares the information that will help you get rid of any problems with logging in anywhere. We hope you will find this information helpful!

Login Problems: What to Try First?

Everyone knows this situation: you are about to enter your account in social media, your bank account, account on Amazon, etc. Everything seems to be okay until you hit that ‘Login’ button. Next, you see a digital note saying that something went wrong. Let us see, what you can do first of all to avoid calling the hotline and waiting in the call queue. 
  1. Double-check the login details. When you are typing in the information quickly, it is easy to make a mistake. Researches show, that the majority of typos in the e-mail address (78%) happen when people are trying to access their account from a cell phone or tablet for the first time.
  2. Entering the wrong e-mail. 81% of US citizens have noted, that they have more than 1 e-mail address. Chances are high, that different accounts have different e-mails connected to them. Even if you think that you are 100% sure, that the e-mail you are entering is right for the account, it is still a good idea to try out another e-mail you have. 
  3. Here is an extra tip from PaCriLogins experts: the majority of login forms have a chance to re-set a password right away. You can use this feature if you cannot say for sure, which e-mail you have used to create an account in a specific social network or on the website you are trying to get access to. When you click that password reset note, you will be sent an e-mail with a confirmation to your address. And, you can just check your inboxes for that info. However, if you are using this option, you will need to create a new password right away. Do not forget to write it down or remember to avoid this procedure in the future. Also note, that automated e-mails may often get into the junk or spam folders, so make sure to check those folders as well. 
  4. Make sure you are not using Password Managers built into your browsers. Sure thing, the password manager is a great thing to have as long as you are 100% sure, that the passwords are securely saved somewhere for you. Otherwise, when something goes wrong with your browser or laptop/PC, you will have to work on getting the new passwords for every account you have. To make sure you are not using this feature, you can disable this feature (detailed instructions on how to do that are specific for every browser). Alternatively, you can just try logging in using a Private or Incognito browser window.


If you feel, that the wrong password is being added to your login form by the browser, simply clearing the cache. It may be obvious for our experts how to do that, but as the statistic shows, more than 50% of Internet users do not know, how to clear cache in the browsers they use on regular basis. That’s why our experts have worked hard to compile a comprehensive instruction for the most popular browsers.
Browser Instruction
  • Click the “menu” field in the top right corner of your browser window. 
  • Go ahead and mouse over the ‘More Tools’ field in the menu you see. 
  • You will get the form that will allow you to pick the time you plan on clearing your cache.
  • Select ‘Delete cookies’ and ‘Clear cache’ and mark the other plug-in related fields. 
  • When you select these, click ‘Clear browsing data’.
  • You are good to go, so restart your browser and try logging in again.
  • Pick the menu sign in the top right corner of the browser window and go to the ‘History’ section.
  • Next, select the ‘Clear Recent History and Cookies’ point from the list. 
  • Then, dial or select the time range (for clearing) and select ‘Everything’. 
  • Double-check, that the point ‘Chache’ is checked with the checkmark (under ‘Details’).
  • Click ‘Clear now’ and restart your Firefox. 
  • Now, it’s time to try logging in again.
Safari (5, 6, 7)
  • First, go to the menu of your Safari browser.
  • Click the ‘Reset Safari’ button. 
  • Check the point that says ‘Remove All Website Data’ and then click the ‘Reset’ button. Doing so will clear the cache. 
  • Now, restart your browser by closing the window and opening it again. 
  • Go ahead and try logging in with the cache cleared. 
Safari 8+
  • The procedure for the Safari 8+ is pretty common to the procedure of clearing the cache for the older versions of the browser. However, certain points of the menu slightly differ. 
  • Select the menu of the browser and click on the ‘History’ field.
  • Next, pick ‘All history’ and select ‘Clear History’. 
  • When ready, restart your browser (reopen the window).
  • You are good to go!
Internet Explorer
  • There is a gear icon in the top right corner of the window. You will need to mouse it over, then select Safety, then choose the point ‘Delete Browsing History’.
  • Now, go ahead and uncheck the ‘Preserve Favorites Website Data’ point (it is located at the top of the menu). 
  • Make sure you put checkmarks near ‘Temporary Internet Files’ and ‘Cookies’. When done, click the ‘Delete’ button and hit ‘OK’.
  • Next, open and close the browser and try logging in again.

I Cannot Log In: the Most Common Password Problems

Well, there are many reasons why the login form may say, that the password you are trying to enter is incorrect. But the main reason is, that you are really entering the wrong password. This means, that the symbols you enter do not correspond with those, that are securely stored in the database of the resource you are about to enter. Two potential variants, that are caused by the Password Manager of your browser and cookies are described above very detailed (see points 4 & 5). Now, let us consider the other simple reasons that may cause problems with dialing login info wrong.
  1. Make sure Caps Lock is off on your keyboard. This may sound silly, but we believe that everyone has dialed their password with the ‘Caps’ on at least once. 
  2. If your password contains digits, make sure the ‘Num Lock’ is off. If you are not sure, whether this function is on or off on your keyboard, just try dialing digits you have on top of your keyboard (right above the letters), not on the right side of the keyboard.
  3. If you have more than one language you normally use, make sure you select the right language
  4. Note the upper and lower case letters in the password, as many passwords are case-sensitive.

password problems

We hope that our tips will help you avoid problems logging into Facebook, Instagram, your favorite social media, banking and other websites you use. If you feel, that there are some other tips and tricks, that may be of help for the other readers, feel free to e-mail us. We will add this information as long as it is relevant.


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