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It is so frustrating when you cannot log in to law & government websites that you enjoy. Chances are high, that they have simply changed the location of their ‘Log In’ field. But when you get used to seeing and using this field in some specific place, it might be a problem to find the new place, where the website designers have positioned it now.


The most common places to look for the Log In on law & government websites:

  • The top right corner of the website (in the corner);
  • The footer. Scroll all the way down until you get to the very bottom of the page. Check for this field near ‘Contact us’, ‘About Us’ pages, etc.
  • Use the website search field. If you see the search window or the magnifier sign, use this field and dial ‘login’, ‘log in’, ‘account’, etc. See, what the site search will offer.
  • Try the ‘Ctrl’+’F’ combination. When you hit these 2 buttons on your keyboard simultaneously, you will see the window that will help you find the word or a phrase in a specific page. Go ahead and enter ‘login’, ‘log in’, ‘account’, etc. See, what the search will offer.

How to Create Account on law & government websites: Tips & Tricks

There is nothing difficult in creating an account on law & government-related websites. Though, it is always a good idea to learn tips from experts in login sphere. Today there are so many web tools that help fraudulent access to the accounts of users. That’s why we find it extremely important to help you create a strong password that will not be stolen.
  1. Use both upper and lower case letters in your password, as long as the law & government website you are creating an account for accepts case-sensitive passwords.
  2. Add at least 1 digit to your password. Remember, that the year or date of your birth is not the best idea for your password. 
  3. Use special symbols in your password. Not to forget, you can use @ instead of ‘a’, $ instead of ‘s’, ! instead of ‘i’, etc. Or, create your own system to make your password truly unique.
  We hope our tips will help you use your account in law & government-related websites more efficiently. You are welcome to use our database of login information of law & government sites. We are sure, that AccurateLogin will make your browsing easier, faster and more enjoyable!

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